More about our guest speakers

Vance Pitman

Vance Pitman is the Senior Pastor of Hope Church Las Vegas. As a seasoned church planter, commissioner of almost 60 churches in the western U.S., and a national mobilizer for NAMB, Vance seeks to inspire people to join in God’s eternal, redemptive mission of making disciples and multiplying the church among every tribe, tongue, people, and nation.Vance and his wife Kristie have four children and two grandchildren.

Heiden Ratner

Heiden is the Sr. Pastor of WALK Church in Las Vegas, NV where he and his wife, Neena Ratner live with their three sons, Epaph, Asa, and Heiden Jr.. Heiden holds a B.A. degree in Religious Studies from Mercyhurst College and a Master of Arts degree in Church Planting from Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary. Heiden also enjoys playing basketball and traveling with his family.